marimo, the author of this site, she is a traditional, home-style, Japanese cooking specialist. She learned to cook from her mother and grandmother. Her father was a chef at a Japanese embassy, and he influenced and guided her how to prepare dishes for home parties. She was very fortunate to have these wonderful mentors in her life from an early age. She has lived in New York and Paris, where she experienced the local lifestyle and cuisine. While she was abroad, she discovered how popular Japanese cuisine was, it was then she decided to start to deliver the beauty of Japanese cooking in English base classroom setting.


- Professional Cooking instructor

- Food Coordinator (Magazine, CM, TV-show and so on)

- Expert in medicinal cooking for home (based on traditional Chinese medicine)

- Food Education Instructor

- A foodie and foodies traveler



CHAZUKE (in ENGLISH/JAPANESE), published in Dec 22 2016

In Japan, there are four seasons with beautiful nature, we have made various ideas, including preserved foods such as seasonal ingredients that can only be eaten at that time and pickled items that make use of regionally rooted ingredients.


In addition to local specialties and local dishes rooted in climate in each of the 47 prefectures, Ochazuke introduced in this book includes many ingredients that are suitable relish for Sake. Therefore, I would like to enjoy sake with regionally rooted ingredients together, introduce sake brewery, which can provide basic information on sake selection and tours nationwide.


In overseas, healthy Japanese food and sake are a trend, and many foreigners are interested in Japanese food culture, and the opportunities for tourists from abroad and us to communicate Japanese culture in English have increased year by year. For that reason, this book as bilingual in English and Japanese, you can use for travel to that area, feel the "Japanese climate" that can only be experienced there, feel the wonderful nature and food. And, "You might feel cool Japan."


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 お茶づけ CHAZUKE 日本のスローフード×ファーストフード(オークラ出版)

 72 SEASONS COOKBOOK (in JAPANESE), published in Nov 8, 2013

A book of 72 Seasons cookbook is base on a book and apps of 72 Seasons. 

A collection of cooking recipes delivered by the popular app “Kurashi no Koyomi” that sparked the 72 Seasons boom. Why do not you enjoy delicious Japanese seasonal ingredients suitable for the season with a simple recipe of 3 to 5 steps?

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72 Seasons Cookbook (HEIBONSHA) 


About the 24 and 72 season calendars in Japan.

Japan has four beautiful seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. The rich expressions of each season color our lives throughout the year, and historically the Japanese have paid special attention to the seasons and their influence on daily life since olden times.


A book of 72 Seasons is focused on a year of nature, food, and tradition seen through the ancient Japanese calendar.

You can download it by apps!

72 Seasons in English 



くらしのこよみ 七十二候 料理帖





くらしのこよみ 七十二候の料理帖(平凡社)

くらしのこよみ 七十二候(アプリ日本語)



TeleCook vol.1 Mar 30, 2013

 “TeleCook” is a book produced by The TV guide magazine that covers the cooking information from “TV” and introduces the recipes of popular cooking programs. This book can be used as a practical cooking guide that anyone can easily challenge.






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